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Thread: dave's brain trust

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    HEY HI HEY PJ. it's been awhile. sorry about that.

    My long-gestating book "Instrumental" is finally coming out on Z2 Comics. Release date is May 30, and it comes with a download card for the full-length "soundtrack" of new music composed and performed by me. There will be a cd release that will be a separate purchase, released by Outside-In Records.

    Here's the official blurb for the book:

    In the small hours of the morning, on a headlong collision into history, ambition, and magic, a trumpeter wails in the apocalypse.

    “You are making it happen. All the deaths. All the destruction.”

    Tom is a solid, but not great, musician. While his bandmates are happy to play gigs for themselves at their own clubs, drinking free beer and shooting the breeze, Tom aches for the next level, whatever that is. And as musicians are wont to do in magical fables, he meets a mysterious stranger with a seemingly simple offer: take a battered old trumpet for free, and just enjoy it, no exchanges and no strings. Whenever Tom plays it, the extraordinary music blows away his growing throngs of fans, and deadly mishaps start to follow. Tom may not have sold his soul for the music of the heavens, but he seems to have bargained away something much more serious.

    From the critically acclaimed jazz musician Dave Chisholm,Instrumental is a high-spirited, suspenseful, formally inventive, visually musical graphic novel, an epic yet intimate riff on our longing search for what’s next.

    INSTRUMENTAL now available for pre-order!

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    INSTRUMENTAL now available for pre-order!

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    'Instumental' looks like a cool project, Dave. just put it on my wish-list.
    Inspired work as always.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MJames View Post
    'Instumental' looks like a cool project, Dave. just put it on my wish-list.
    Inspired work as always.
    Thanks so much, man! I am sure you'll dig it. I'm so happy that it is finally coming out!
    INSTRUMENTAL now available for pre-order!

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    here's a little preview of the music soundtrack to "Instrumental." hope you dig!
    INSTRUMENTAL now available for pre-order!

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    YOU GUYS! my book "Instrumental" is in this month's PREVIEWS! I'm SO DAMN EXCITED. Tell your LCS to stock it (if you want).

    Here's the email that the PR folks sent out about the book to comic shops--I'm so stoked!


    When I first saw Instrumental, the new graphic novel by Dave Chisholm from Z2 Comics on-sale this May, I assumed he was a veteran indie cartoonist who I'd just missed somehow. But this is actually Dave's first at-bat in the comics world -- he's an accomplished jazz musician and composer first. This makes his confident storytelling here pretty astounding.

    A spiritual successor to introspective classic Vertigo titles from the likes of J.M. DeMatteis and Peter Milligan, and strongly reminiscent of Dave McKean's Cages and Scott McCloud's The Sculptor, Instrumental is a dark urban fantasy about music that can only be told in comics, with lively yet grounded art that illuminates the essence of a blistering trumpet solo, or a lonely night walk, or a run for your life from ancient mystical forces as you try to figure out the meaning of life, success, and art. The debut, complete with original soundtrack (yep—it comes with the book!), is such an innovative addition to the medium that it makes you wonder where Dave's been all these years.

    Readers who come to Instrumental for the cool story will find even more surprises as they dive in. Besides the free music that sweetens the deal, Dave employs a playful formal innovation that not only brings music to life on the page, but brings us to different planes of reality through experiments with perspective, gutters, and art style shifts that convey the book’s meaning as much as the words and art do themselves. Perfect for music fans who love comics, or searching artists of all stripes, it also works for anyone who loves the comics medium itself and likes seeing it pushed in new directions.

    Publicity outreach with exclusive preview pitches begins now, and Dave is promoting the music/book combo through the jazz outlets who already cover his many varied projects. I hope you like it as much as I do! A your-eyes-only review copy can be downloaded here along with a private link to the music, and a folder of shareable art.

    Thanks so much for considering the book and for all your support!
    INSTRUMENTAL now available for pre-order!

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    Go download "Only the Strong Survive" from my band's upcoming album FOR FREEEEEEE.
    If you like sad songs, you'll like this song.

    Also, I hope you're as stoked as I am for "Instrumental" to come out! May 10 direct market! WOAH
    INSTRUMENTAL now available for pre-order!

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    SO DUDES my book/album INSTRUMENTAL is out! I hope you all buy it and love it and subsequently tell all of your friends about it:

    It's gotten some pretty good press--here are some links and quotes:
    "The black-and-white artwork in *Instrumental *is dynamic and inventive, perfectly illustrating both the transcendence of music, and Tom’s struggle as he falls under the influence of the trumpet and everything it represents. Instrumental is recommended for any reader, but perhaps most for those who have a love for music. "
    "Dave Chisholm spent years putting this book together, and likely spent about as much time on the accompanying music. It is the culmination, for both these important forms of expression, of the labor of a man who has so much to say and so many means of saying it, and in these various means, he manages to say it all particularly well. To say a musician has range implies an ability to play the quiet and loud, the big and small, the fast and slow, the multitude of genres and tones, perhaps with adaptability with various players. To say a visual artist has range notes fluency in assorted media, an understanding of history while making insightful statements about the present and the future, and perhaps the ability to hold to deadlines. To say an artist of both these sorts has range may be the grander claim, for the ability to make such clear, compelling statements in such different forms is something to marvel. In all aspects of Instrumental, Dave Chisholm proves himself to be that kind of artist with that kind of marvelous range."
    "Bringing a virtuosic command of the language of graphic novels, Chisholm provides a story that is both touching with a strong sense of the inevitable woven amidst the fantastic."

    "Through thoroughly engaging storytelling and enthralling illustrations, the book blends a fantastical adventure into ordinary creative lives and offers philosophy about the balance of talent, ambition, and power."
    "Chisholm’s sumptuous art has the fluidity and chiaroscuro of Paul Pope’s work, though with a more cartoonish tinge. Strategically ambitious paneling underscores otherworldly elements."
    "Creator Chisholm is a jazz musician himself, and this Gaiman-like fantasy about the blurred line between art and magic is solidified by an underlying sense of lived reality; the characters inhabit a real world of burned-out speakers, coffee-shop gigs, and day jobs. "
    "I consumed Instrumental in a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon and the experience was new and compelling. The story is dark, the images full of motion, becoming dream-like as Tom plays the horn and his playing becomes more like what he's hearing in his head, the crowds come out to hear. "
    "Think of this story as the anti-La La Land, a darker and grimmer version of the obsessions of a jazz musician."
    "Chisholm makes a striking impression as trumpeter and composer with Instrumental, aided by a sympathetic band. It's a memorable contemporary jazz album taken by itself, made even more memorable in combination with his graphic novel. I listened to the music before reading the comic, but have to confess that it's now hard to remember the album without reference to the visuals. "

    Podcast interview:
    "Dave’s background — a professional trumpet player, songwriter, composer, bandleader, and educator — becomes the wellspring from which he pulls his narrative, so much of his conversation with Derek is devoted to the power of music and its translation into visual form."
    "Dave Chisholm may not have been in the comics industry long enough to achieve the ‘rock star’ status of someone like Jim Lee or Paul Pope, but in terms of creating both comics AND music, he’s a band apart from just about every other creator out there. "

    Here's another podcast interview about process:
    INSTRUMENTAL now available for pre-order!


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