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Thread: et cetera

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    Red Face Nsfw

    most of these are just warm up sketches and whatnot.
    updates coming when i get the chance.
    leave your thoughts and hope you enjoy

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    random page

    this is an idea i had about walking futuristic cruise ships.

    trying to learn to digi paint

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    a backcover

    an image thats been lingering in my head for a while
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    pretty nice sfuff I really like the forced perspective shots. I look forward to seeing more from you.

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    Thanks, Manji!

    haven't been drawing much but here is some random sketchbook stuff

    feet study,
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    and finally some character designs.

    hmm should probably work on gestures and stuff
    until next time

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    Quote Originally Posted by hardcore View Post

    an image thats been lingering in my head for a while
    Very nice! I like that pic that was lingering in your head. Would make a cool Goblin cover.

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    Your work looks really nice. The Prospective of allot of the piece are really great. All you really need to work on is your backgrounds.

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    need to start updating this thing
    mostly been doing anatomy studies lately.
    no ref for most of them. trying to teach myself not to dely on ref

    troll/lizardman wip


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