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Thread: Sketchbook Journey

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    More Bridgman. Enjoy!

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    I really dig the mecha stuff there. very nice bridgeman studies also

    keep it up man.

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    TGping-thanks glad you enjoyed them.
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    Another doodle

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    I've always loved yur attention to detail.

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    AlphaMale73-thanks a lot.

    Hey everyone, long time no see. I got a new sketchbook, a Bateman. The pages are really great for pencil work. I really recommended it.

    Some of the work is from P.E.I for all you Canadians, it's a great little island. I went with my girl for about week. We drove from Toronto about 1700 kms, my ass was hurting after that drive. Oh yeah I got a speeding ticket leaving, damn.LOL!

    So here is some new work. Enjoy!

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    Here are some maidens for a RPG. These are just the pencils. I'll fix them up a bit in with the inking.

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    Here is a collection of some skethces and life drawings for my portfolio.

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    That collection looks really nice. I really like it.

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    are you just practiciing or refrencing a text or in a class? i like your sampeling and i have a more general anatomy book im working with.


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