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Thread: Sketchbook Journey

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    Here is a redesign i did of Two-Face. More Batman re-designs coming soon.

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    Here is`a piece from the forest of my mind.

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    Here is a piece i did this weekend at my girl's cottage, about 1 hour of work.

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    Man, journey is right!
    That is really great stuff!
    'Knock me down I get right back up again, I come back stronger than a Powered-Up Pac-Man..."- Lily Allen, Mark Ronson 'Oh My God'
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    Dawnsknight-thanks a lot. I'll post as much as I can. Enjoy

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    It rises from the darkest depths to steal man's souls. It is the thing that hides in dark places. It is the Malice.

    Crits & Comments are welcome

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    Nice Two-Face!
    Check out my webcomic Small Change!

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    tekende- thanks

    Quick Skull study. About 1 hr.

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    Some more stuff.

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    Here are some Bridgman Studies.


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