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Thread: One a day

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    just some concept and costume sketches. late night - tired. I'll try to do better tomorow.

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    change of pace... sketches for a scene from a game - I'm going to try to go from the sketch to a finished deally, or at least moreso. Next step: perspective and enlargement.

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    very sketchy and light - I'll work more on it later, but I hope it's clear more or less what I'm going for and how close I've gotten.

    trying a new thing for perspective - guides. Ok, it's only sort of new. I found, I suspect years ago, a photoshop path that is basically a bunch of lines radiating from a point - perfect for single point perspective, and if I use 2 copies of it it should be great for 2 point perspective. It's helpful, and it doesn't require a new layer for guides.

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    More developement of the scene from yesterday. I'll try to clean up the background and such, maybe do a quick paint over the sketch if I get that far.

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    I was really unsatisfied with this figure in the previous two sketches - it didn't have the right character or stance. So I did a page of sketches to figure it out. The right arm still needs some work.

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    I love how you are pushing yourself and trying out new angles etc. Good stuff and I love you dedication.

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    heh, thanks. I worry sometimes that I don't try enough new stuff. Today was a case in point...


    fixing the monster to have a better, more dynamic pose, to look larger and more imposing, and to work better facing off the other character.

    I need to start these earlier... Time to reset the sleep schedule again.

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    Late and tired, so: A bunch of simple figures from reference pictures on my hard drive. I continue to need to work on proportion and perspective, among other things.

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    More sketchy figures from reference.

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    back to the comics... some thumbnails which will very likely be changed a couple of times before I settle on 'em and a really quick character sketch.


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