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Thread: One a day

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    another late one... ah well. I'll keep working on that reasonable hour thing.


    pretty crappy, in my mind, though it did solidify some things in my mind. I guess it served it's purpose in that respect - now I just need to be able to make something that looks good out of it.

    tomorow I'll give it a shot. Maybe even a scene with some interaction.

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    Better than yesterday's by far, to my mind. The figure on the right needs a lot of work, which is really what I get for going farther without having the whole figure blocked out. Oh well.

    Next time I will have more of an idea for the scene than I did this time.

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    Some character sketches revisiting old character ideas and random poses.

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    Figuring out poses and such. Also a thumbnail for a sequential page, but that needs more thought.

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    pages full of gesture drawings done at folklife. The top one was too big for the scanner so I did a really quick paste job.

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    more gestures. Filled the sketchbook - time to start another one.

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    sketches and thumbnails. I'm starting with a fight, which may be the wrong place to start doing sequential stuff. And of course I need to work on anatomy, expressions, etc...

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    a different angle but the same scene as yesterday. I'm trying for an establishing shot. Also trying out a style which (I think) I will not use, at least until I have a better idea of what I'm doing as far as backarounds and such.

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    I like the concept for 5-30-06

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    I like that concept too - so I'm working on it some more.

    I really need to drill perspective into my head enough that I don't need to force myself to use it. That, and I need to get the knack of figures in perspective. Or I might be able to cheat somewhat (sort of) and get a couple people to model for me.

    Which reminds me - I need to get those pictures I took for backarounds back. They should help a lot.


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