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Thread: One a day

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    One a day

    I should be able to keep up that many, though my quality will almost certainly vary day by day. And to start off, the last three days:


    a couple of characters I'm thinking of using in something. The old Trickster/Teacher and the Elf Prince.


    another couple characters, if somewhat less finished.


    A scene that popped into my head after I did that character. I may work on it further.

    I'll post todays in a bit.

    EDIT 03-27-2008: I am taking some of these down for space reasons for the moment. I'll look into more webspace and put them back up eventually, but for now they're offline.
    Edit 05-22-2008: Same reason. Images start on page 16 now.
    EDIT 05-22-2011: I am no longer updating this thread daily. Instead I am posting in the blog section daily. I will be updating this thread on a weekly basis with the sketches for the week.
    EDIT 11-06-2011: Decided to switch back to updating this thread daily and using the blog section on a weekly basis. May eventually drop the blog section entirely.
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    2 today - and both very much sketches.


    Trying to figure out the character design more. I may have to scrap the backpack - it keeps throwing me off.


    considerably more sketchy. I am reminded that I'm really not sure what to do with the inside of the mouth.

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    good old pencil and paper - had to set up the scanner for the first time in a couple months. I always seem to make the hands too small. Among other problems with hands...

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    character portrait that I've been working on on and off for a while. Didn't get that much done today (ish... I haven't been to bed yet, anyway) but there were some improvements. Still room for much more...

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    Nice work man. Im digging them. You should post more art..

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    I'll try and get some stuff that is more finished and maybe even some sequentials soonish, but it might be a while. For now, I'm sure of at least one sketch per day.


    another pencil+paper deal. If I'm going to be doing things this big I should probably get a bigger scanner - it didn't all fit, and I'm way too lazy to try to stitch it together afterwards. Besides, what got cut off wasn't very good ;P

    Inspired in part by the costumes at Cirque du Soleil which I saw right before I started drawing. Inspiring stuff, costumes and otherwise.

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    Full day - housemates birthday celebration. The most notable part of which was going off to the zoo. Most of the zoo was a little neat, but nothing really special. However... There was this orangutan that was wandering around like it owned the place that was amazingly inspiring. It looked like one of the mystics from the Dark Crystal with fewer arms and more hair. And bigger.

    Long story short, That's where the big ape looking guys come from.

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    late start today - I'll try to do better tomorow.


    more refinement on the orang character and some thoughts on costuming.

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    Great to see such a consistent post. Try and darken up your lines if you can though so that we can see them better.

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    Significantly earlier start today. I darkened the lines in some of the previous posts and paid more attention this time. Hope it turns out more visible.


    More on the ape man and a couple quick hands with which I need a lot more practice. Maybe I'll try to add a hand study page every couple days.


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