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Thread: Post Apocalyptic Batman (LOOKING FOR CRITIQUES)

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    Post Apocalyptic Batman (LOOKING FOR CRITIQUES)

    Hey there everyone! So, I was inspired by Greg Capullo's rough looking Batman from Zero Year, so I whipped up this very rough sketch. I'm thinking of doing a series of images of survivalist Batman surviving in a zombie apocalypse, possibly fighting zombified members of the Justice League lol.

    This sketch is extremely rough, though I'm sure there are a million and one anatomy issues lol. Looking to get everything ironed out before I start to pretty it up. Critiques are very much welcome!

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    I was looking for balance...I don't think this is too bad..
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    The straight on pose leaves a lot to be desired. I would try a 3/4’s shot to really show his pose and bike. You can turn the front wheel to show off the hood ornament.
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    Things from a biker's POV

    The right side is gas and brakes. The left side is clutch and tranny.

    The upper and lower half of the drawing don't match up. With kick stand down, left foot on the ground, hand off the clutch, engine off (or in neutral) he's not going anywhere. The upper half of the drawing should say the same thing. Get the hands off the handlebars. Say, one hand on his hip, one forearm resting atop the windscreen.


    Flop the drawing and grab the left lever (clutch). With his left foot dropping the bike into gear all he has to do is open the left hand and he's doing an 80 mph wheelie down Gotham Blvd.

    Bikes employ counter steering. The front tire points opposite to the lean and the turn. Push out on the right handlebar (turning the wheel to the left) and the bike falls and turns right. Push out on the left handlebar (turning the wheel to the right) and the bike falls and turns left. Even when stopped, by leaning the bike over, the front wheel will have a natural inclination to turn out rather than in.


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