I'm wrapping up the Kirby tribute book on November 12th. No more art is being accepted.

If you name is on this list, then I need your help with missing information. In this thread - Kirby tribute book - please leave your information for the Credit Pages; providing your name or username, country, favorite Kirby issue, your web-site and/or social media links.

  • Crimson Spider
  • Always Drawing
  • Orphangrinder
  • Dan 3000
  • Einar
  • Stoat
  • Pep
  • Scmarooney
  • Pete Tha Creep
  • MetAbe
  • ChrisH
  • Pencilero
  • Basilisk
  • LucaBulgheroni
  • VagabondX
  • Teratophile
  • Falleangel
  • Smitty

If you can't pick one favorite Kirby issue, then a pick a fave series.

At the very least the first or last Kirby comic you read.