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Thread: Disney is in talks to buy 21st Century Fox

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    Disney is in talks to buy 21st Century Fox

    Please make this happen!

    I really need a good X-men movie series before I kick the bucket.

    #edit - Ugh, should be buy not by... And I can't edit the title.
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    When I got a news alert about this possible buyout, my first thought, aside from how long will MARVEL STUDIOS wait to reboot and give us the TRUE X-Men and the TRUE Dark Phoenix Saga, was "Oh Shit!!! The FANTASTIC FOUR can FINALLY come home to the MCU where they belong!" If this DOES happen, I do hope that Disney and MARVEL realize that the FF ARE Marvel's first family and should really be considered a crown jewel. I'd love to see them hire another truly visionary director not afraid to set the FF's beginnings in the 60s, replete with all the King Kirby flourishes, and let them have a couple of films set IN that time period before bringing the FF and Doom into the present, possibly via Doom's own time platform. And, of course, once the FF are here, bring in The Mole Man, The Mad Thinker, Annihilus, The Negative Zone and, of course, the REAL Galactus!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 50%grey View Post
    #edit - Ugh, should be buy not by... And I can't edit the title.

    I won't get excited for this until it is actually official. But, good God, what dreams may come....
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    Doubt it will happen. It would be nice to have those characters back at Marvel. It would probably also fix some of the rights issues involving Star Wars. But I can't even imagine the larger implications that such a deal would have, but I suspect theycan't be very good.

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    Well, they're not talking about selling off Fox News or Fox Sports. I think it's just 20th Century Fox, the film company and all its ancillary rights and properties. Which is still a huge deal, and consolidates a significant amount of intellectual property under a single umbrella... for better or worse.

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    It's huge, and awesomely full of potential... but the chances are slim. Be a nice addition to the wave after Infinity war though.
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    No thanks.

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    Thank you, Pencilero!

    Not trying to be political, but that image is worth a thousand of my words.
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    I think this discussion is probably one of the most irrelevant places to bring up media consolidation. Unless you're worried that corporate interests are somehow going to use classic Marvel superhero characters as a propaganda machine to......exploit the....working class (?), the only thing that really concerns me is the quality of the films that would come out of it.

    The Fox FF movies have been garbage and I wasn't really thrilled with their Xmen movies. Marvel seems to be doing pretty well with their offerings so, if this deal actually happens maybe we will get decent renditions of some of the classic characters.


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