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Thread: weekly sketch group 529-tokyo ghost

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    weekly sketch group 529-tokyo ghost

    Having just read Sean Gordon Murphy's batman-white knight I thought, why not revisit some of his personal work!? I was going to make the topic Punk rock jesus as it's a better book but, hot damn tokyo ghosts characters are a lot more fun to draw! think, akira meets blade runner!
    So, if you can, go read the comic! it has some fantastic art and an interesting story!

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    Here's a Debbie Decay. I got the first issue of this after reading Chrononauts, I really like his art!

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    Chrish- great expression!
    Crazymobius- nice job on the costume! hard to find reference of!
    here's a couple of doodles done on the ipad!

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    [IMG]tokeyo ghost by beyfenn, on Flickr[/IMG]

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    Great sketches, everyone! Love Sean Murphy's art/design work.
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