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Thread: Ghost in the Shell

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    Ghost in the Shell

    I think i might be the only person who likes this live action version of the movie




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    Solid likeness, man! I think the cropping on her legs combined with their positioning and her upright posture pulls a lot of the movement out of her figure. Maybe being less faithful to the movie's shot for this scene would have given it more impact. But really nice stuff, regardless.

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    Hey Thanks, the only problem I would of had of drawing her whole body for this shot would mean that I would need to draw her much smaller on the paper which would have made getting her likeness even harder I think

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    I LOVED the live action version. Im not sure why people were so down on it.

    I like your use of the neon colours.

    As has been said, I think the upright position could have been pushed forward a bit for movement but I like this piece a lot!

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