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Thread: Weekly sketch group 528- shazam! (captain marvel)

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    Quick Shazam

    "This is your game"


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    severence- nice work! like how you handled the transition!
    chrish- nice job! great pose!
    dan3000- nice! i like the expression! reminds me of frank quietly!

    nice work everybody! great takes on a fun character!

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazyjedichicken View Post
    yomark- Nice sketch! there's already a female version called mary though:0
    I was,of course aware of that………wasn't the point, though. If i'd'a finisht this, I'd've put "her" in Shazam's uniform, not the skirt version that is Mary's (along with the short, boyish hair). No new ground being covered there, I admit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan 3000 View Post
    Quick Shazam

    Nice work!

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    Thanks Yomark, threw some colors on this for practice

    "This is your game"


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