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Thread: Weekly sketch group 528- shazam! (captain marvel)

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    Weekly sketch group 528- shazam! (captain marvel)

    Given the recent(ish) casting news lets all take a crack at Shazam! Or captain marvel! What ever you call him, start drawing him!

    Looking forward to seeing eveyones take on this guy, or anyone in his roster of family or foes!

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    [IMG]Shazam by beyfenn, on Flickr[/IMG]

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    My PJ Art blog! Here

    On DA ->

    On ArtStation ->

    "It's better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing perfectly."

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    I might give this challenge a whack, since I have Manga Studio now, and I know that I can work pretty fast in it. Hey! how about Mary Marvel going transgender INTO Captain Marvel, for a more modern take?

    (just kidding………or AM I?)

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    beyfenn-Fantastic! a great image and i like your take on him!
    Ratcrack- great job as always! nice take, and smitty would be proud of that leg tuck!
    yomark- its not a challenge, just a suggestion if you're stuck with no idea what to draw! would love to see your take either way!

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazyjedichicken View Post
    …yomark- its not a challenge, just a suggestion if you're stuck with no idea what to draw! would love to see your take either way!…
    Sorry. Mis-spoke. It's been so long that I've posted to one of the weekly sketch ("jams"), and I post now on FaceBook so much, that I'd forgotten the nomenclature.

    Anyway: I THREATENED to do it, so here it is - a gender-switched (or: TRANSgender) Shazaam…the under-drawing only at this point. I'll get to the costume later:

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    yomark- Nice sketch! there's already a female version called mary though:0

    Some sketches done in procreate

    and we cant forget about billy!

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    whoops double post
    Last edited by crazyjedichicken; 11-02-2017 at 06:56 PM. Reason: double post

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    Great work everyone ! I love this character, used to watch him on sat morns

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    I'm enjoying all of these - yomark I can't wait to see the finished drawing!
    cjc - I really like the way your style has been developing lately! That first one is perfect!
    Severance - solid figure work on this guy
    Ratcrack - Nice line work!
    Beyfenn - Excellent pose on this one
    Here's my humble sketch, I offset my tendency to draw heads too big by drawing this one too small :-)

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