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Thread: See Any Major Problems? WIP

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    See Any Major Problems? WIP

    Cram session for a client who is odd to say the least but ... Do you see any major issues I forgot? Comment your concerns, thank you so much.

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    Your lettering is killing you.

    Ellipses and balloons are two different animals. Ellipses are not allowed. Balloons, please.

    "I" with serifs is for the word I. It can also be used for contractions starting with the word I such as I'm, I'd, I'll. In all other instances, use a san serif "l". If your font doesn't have one, substitute a lower case L or "l"

    Increase space between words. Your spacing reads as a single 50 letter word split over three lines.

    Increase leading.

    Increase the size of the balloon so lettering can breathe.

    Unless required for storytelling purposes, keep the balloon inside the panel.

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    Thank you Smitty! I know nothing about lettering.

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    Are the first and fifth panels a frame?

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    No, the client requested that. They make the image barely visible than slap the logo over it. Here:

    Personally, I find it pointless since it just looks like a mess but the client is happy.

    Here's a link to the client's site:

    These strips run as an ad in the Ganette Wisconsin papers, sports section.

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