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Thread: Spiderman sample

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    Spiderman sample

    You may check my online gallery to see more of my works:

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    Page one Panel 2 Spidey is over the Tyrannosaur head when he gets hit, Pg 2 panel 1 he is over the tail suddenly and moving toward the head while moving to the ground. Also the tyrannosaur goes from closed mouth to open. Inks are solid, easy to tell whats going on. Art work is Beautiful...cant wait to see more ( especially if it involves Spiderman 2099)

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    I love this stuff man, I think you're improving compared to your previous samples on here. I'd buy it.

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    It's one thing to drop the ball occasionally or exaggerate for purpose but when the perspective is wildly distorted in nearly every instance, you've got a problem.

    Nothing will make or break your career faster than your knowledge of perspective or the lack thereof.

    In all kindness, your perspective is seriously smurfed.

    If the horizon is in the shot (1/2, 2/1, 3/4) then there cannot be a VP above or below. Lose the 3rd pt or get the horizon out of the shot and away from the panel.

    If there's a VP on the horizon and inside the frame (3/4) there cannot be a VP to the side. Not unless there's VPs to both sides and you go curvilinear.

    The VPs for 4/1, 4/2, 4/6 all belong above panel, not below.

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    Can you message me or send me the link for this script? Oh and this is really great, I've seen probably three different iterations of this and yours is up there!

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    Excellent work!
    I'm a picky sonovabitch and this is great. Perfect anatomy


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