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Thread: Weekly sketch group 520- Street fighter!

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    Great work this week everybody! Here's a little Zangief love! cant have street fighter as a topic and not have his red panties on show!

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    And how could i not draw blanka!

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    You forgot his anklets CJC.

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    Fatmancomics- Fantastic work! particularly the colouring in the motion line!
    crazymobius- Whose ankle did i forget?

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    Thanks guys! It's great to see all this art being done, nicely done!

    I'm impressed by the work you've been able to do this week crazyjedichicken, it looks really good. I especially like your Zangief

    CrazyMobius - today I learned she has a leotard!

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazyjedichicken View Post
    Whose ankle did i forget?
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    Quote Originally Posted by crazyjedichicken View Post

    And how could i not draw blanka!
    That's a really good one!

    His body language isn't quite right, but it feels like you pushed past your comfort zone on this one. He doesn't have that gangly feel of your usual figures.
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    Crazymobius- got it thanks! great pull on that screenshot!
    Gurkan- Thanks! Nice stuff from you as well!
    Pencilero- Thanks! will try and be less gangly in the future!

    Great work everybody! Here's some ken to finish it off!

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    That Blanka is awesome, CJC.
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