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Thread: 2017 first new Green Lanterns samples (corrected)

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    Arrow 2017 first new Green Lanterns samples (corrected)

    Hello all,
    here are some
    Green Lantern pages. Honestly I've drawn Green lanterns so much I think I'm a fan now! I wanted to do a grimey fight a la the abandoned building Green Goblin fight in Sam Raimi's Spider-man. I appreciate feedback! (on the correct account this time!)

    I AM AVAILABLE FOR WORK! View my portfolio is here:

    Shoot me an email if you're interested in working with me!

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    Really nice stuff here. Pencils are tight. Definitely influenced by Mark Farmer/Alan Davis. Nice flow and storytelling.

    Now for the nit picks.

    Overal, you have some anatomy issues, most notable in the arms of the guy in page 2 and her arm in the first panel of page 3.

    The faces are almost up to par, but some of the lips, especially her thin lips in certain panels. It looks like some angles, like the upshot on page 3 panel three look like you were referencing artists that referenced Jim Lee.

    However, you nailed her face in page 3 panel 4.

    Pros=Solid finished level pencils. Great storytelling.

    Needs work=Consistant/more lifelike faces and arms. You're really close to this being publishable. Perhaps using model sheets or breaking all your work down. Take a notebook and redraw every great face you drew, or every great pose you drew, and reference that for consistency.

    I hope this wasn't too harsh. Really impressed with your finished line work!

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