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Thread: Character Lineup, Commission WIP (Feedback Please)

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    Character Lineup, Commission WIP (Feedback Please)

    So this is a group lineup for a commission ...

    Really wish I would have uploaded this with a floor grid (I will update this thread with that next). Any help here is great, play editor. Thank you!

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    Another update. See any issues? Problems?

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    SO which set of characters are going to be in the shot? Are the four in the bg included?

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    Yes, they are included. That's all the larger he wishes that group to be.

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    I like the figures, I just don't like the composition. I think it should make some kind of shape, sort of like an arrow maybe? and have the flying guy floating closer to the viewer and more centered maybe? I know its a commission but sometimes you have to give yourself a little creative freedom and kind of dazzle the buyer with your skills.

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    and when i say Arrow, I mean have it pointed off to the side, center right? The eye kind of flows that way in your composition but I'd like to see it more uniform than what it is.

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    I'd agree. I hate the comp LOL.

    The guy wants the arrangement this way. I think they're gonna print this and put it up in their main project space or something. Either way, this is how he wanted it. I wish I could change the comp but that is his specific instruction. He is very excited about the composition.

    If he uses this for promo, it will look kinda jarring, I think. I'm too busy to make a fuss about it and he's happy.

    Now, he is an actor and right now, this is typical of tv promos where they line the cast up with some cg background and it always looks god awful but ideal for mobile. That is the logic, I am guessing. Not sure. LOL


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