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Thread: Betty and Veronica layout

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    Betty and Veronica layout

    I was trying to go for the effect that Veronica's blowing bubbles into Bettys milkshake. I hope it comes off that way

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    Veronica's hand holding the straw doesn't look natural. I would also make the milkshake the center of the composition, and use V's eye's looking at B's face looking at the shake to lead the viewer's eyes to the shake. Betty's eyes do this already, but V's aren't as definitive. Really like the concept for this one!
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    On Veronica's hand - I'm going to argue that if she's holding the straw where it bends, her thumb would be underneath her index finger or underneath both her index and middle finger, since that assembly is likely to be the only fingers holding the straw, loosening up the tension and space for the ring and pinky fingers. As such, from that angle, I submit the thumb would be more hidden inside the hand. Plus, loosening up the grip would add to Veronica's coy, fluid, graceful gesture.

    With Betty's hand, it looks like she's using the middle of her index finger to help hold the straw, and that also comes across as unnatural to me. Most people I've seen hold straws near the finger pads or their fingertips, but the middle of their fingers.

    I'm being nitpicky, but this is a good drawing I think could be made even better with some small changes.
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    Some very gd call outs here. Veritas I've adjusted Veronica's gaze so she's looking at the milkshake now, pmginn ive redrawn the hands as well. I found some good reference online for the way Betty would be holding the straw.

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    Ronnie looks like she making a duck face and not blowing. Puffing out the cheeks would help.

    Her hand is blocking most of the straw. As she is more girly that Betty, she would be holding the straw in a more feminine fashion.
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    looks great

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    Ok here's an updated version of the drawing

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    Betty's hand and Veronica's bubble-blowing face look better. I still think Veronica's hand is too aggressive. In my opinion, it looks more like a "grip" than a finger hold.

    I tried to take a pic of my hand holding a pen (in place of a straw) from the same vantage point:

    I'm using the pads of my fingers and loosening up the ring and pinky fingers. You can't see my thumb because it's underneath the index and middle fingers. I think would match her demeanor more.

    If you don't want her pinky sticking out, you can still loosen up the ring and pinky and get the thumb under the index and middle, thus hiding it. But, I think the first photo matches Veronica better.

    These are the weirdest selfies I've taken, by the way.
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    I really enjoy your linework, very eye catching.

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    pmginn trust me ive taken much more weird selfies than that for reference. Thanks for going to the trouble of taking these, i like the first one a bit more so ill go with that one

    thanks nsterken, i think ive got the weekend off so ill get these finished soon.


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