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Thread: Batman, Skyrim commission

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    Batman, Skyrim commission

    Doing this for a friend at work, kind of a random mash up. Skyrim is a fantasy game where you can fight dragons, something like game of thrones. I'm tempted to add Harley in either sitting behind joker or hanging from the dragons tail.
    let me know what you think

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    Ok so i had to make quite a few changes to this. My friend wanted the arkham style batman from the games, also he wanted the background changed to just clouds which actually made my life a hell of a lot easier. Also he wanted to be in the drawing himself so i put him behind joker. Im going to sign it in the bottom right corner

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    [IMG]skyrim batman by beyfenn, on Flickr[/IMG]

    Your illustration was inspiring...inks remind me of Sean Gordon Murphy

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    Bedtime143- great stuff as always man! the inks and the changes all added to the piece but i think you need to define batmans shoulder like you had it in the sketch, i think arkham bats has armour plates there anyway, but at the moment bats pec looks elongated. Really strong piece and a great take on the topic! Would love to see your colours for this!

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    ah that's a gd point jedi chicken. I don't have to hand this over until Saturday so ill go in and fix this.

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    Beyfenn very cool by the way


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