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Thread: Value of Comics

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    Value of Comics

    I have become more and more interested in learning what the value of comics is for other people. As an aspiring comics creator myself, I want to deliver what we look for in comics. I'm sure others would like to hear what you think on this subject. So...

    What value do comics hold for you?

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    Same value as any storytelling media, but with more control for the creator. Comics is nearly the only visual storytelling medium that allows a single creator full control over their product, if that's what they want. The path is clear and well-trod by now.

    Comics can be used to tell any type of story, in any genre, and blends the visual appeal of theater and television with the tight control of prose. Asking what value comics hold is like asking what value books hold, or television, or any other means by which people tell each other stories.

    Now, if you're asking about the inherent value of "comics", i.e. "floppy magazines of approx. 32 staple-bound pages", then I would say something very different. The sooner we can fully break the concept of "comics as a storytelling device" free from the image of "comics as a cheap floppy magazine", the better off I think we'll all be.

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    Thanks for your thoughts! I very much agree. I guess that does answer my question better than I asked it. It is the whole, "why comics over a movie?" or "why comics over a novel?" The control is very nice to have as well. I think in addition to that, the production value can be as high or higher than a top-of-the-market movie or series with far lest cost. An artist can draw up worlds and creatures never seen before faster and cheaper than a concept artist, 3D modeler, animator, and the like, can bring it to life on the screen.


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