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Thread: What it's like to post without getting a reply.

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    I'm digging that question mark composition myself

    I prefer the angled panel borders my self... less symmetry, more tension, that kind of thing.

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    Thanks TGping! I guess the sloppy borders goes better with my sloppy style.

    Didn't know the balloon layouts had a definition. I was just trying to guide the eye with the letters.

    And the image guys used to talk about the inverted S. Or Z layouts. That's about the extent of my knowledge.

    Thanks to everyone for not pointing out the anatomy or panel-to-panel consistency, as I am fully aware of this, and my fragile ego would not be able to handle it. Still fun to make comics, regardless of the skill level.

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    Sometimes no news is good reply's/Crits go..especially if you have many's a silent blessing..Just a thought...
    Keep that Pencil Busy!

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