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Thread: Cabin Sketch #2 Jon Snow

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    Cabin Sketch #2 Jon Snow

    Another quick sketch, 15 minutes and no humidity smudges!!!!

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    Really nice sketch. The only thing I would say as far as critique is that it looks like the whole right side of his face (from above the mouth up) is pushed back too far. If you were to draw a diagonal line up from his chin, following the angle of his jaw, his right cheek and eyebrow ridge should basically be touching that line. Here, they're clearly far back from where that line would be.

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    Highlander, you lost me with that diagonal line, any chance we could get a drawover?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisH View Post
    Highlander, you lost me with that diagonal line, any chance we could get a drawover?

    Sure, sorry I've been reading the site on my phone from work, which makes doing drawovers and uploading/posting images a bit of a pain in the butt, otherwise I would have done one initially.

    So, this is far from, perfect, but should illustrate what I meant.

    I believe this is the picture that was used for reference, just to show the actual correct proportions.

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    Tried with a smaller left eye... and snow. Impressive for a 15m sketch.

    images upload
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    These are actually damn good
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