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Thread: Resident Evil 3 Nemesis

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    Resident Evil 3 Nemesis

    Based on the games not the horrible films

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    I love this!

    One of my favourite games in the series

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    Her arms seem short. The wrist falls about mid level. Fingertips extended would fall mid thigh.

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    Beautiful drawing! Great composition and such clean confident lines! Only thing letting it down is the girls pose and expression. She looks bored and kind of amused, not tense and ready to shoot like she should be, especially with the screaming nemesis in the background (starsss!). Again, a really fantastic image! Can't wait to see how you colour this!

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    Hi alwaysdrawing, yea i guess they are a little short. Less for the zombies to grab onto i guess though.

    Jedichicken yes i guess she does look a little bored, nemesis was probably my fav out of those early games i still have my copy of the game and play around with it every now and then.


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