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Thread: OATS Studio short films

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    OATS Studio short films

    Neil Blomkamp started an independent studio to make these short films that can be expanded on if they do well. They are awesome shorts that are super high quality and I'd love to see any of them expanded on so far. They usually involve some sort of scifi or supernatural monster and going by the themes you can tell these are ideas Blomkamp wanted to do but for whatever reason didn't. Like Rakka seems like it could be the idea for a sequel to District 9 or Zygote seems like something he might have planned for his Alien film.


    Fire base


    I absolutely love Zygote with Rakka taking 2nd place. Fire Base is pretty good but I feel like there isn't as much there to ponder about. Each episode is sold on Steam with "DLC" like scripts, behind the scenes videos, concept art, and 3d models that they used in the episodes. Pretty cool and a way to directly support them and ensure a Vol. 2 comes to pass. There is supposed to be one last long short coming called Lemur but they aren't sure when they will release it.

    They also make shorter bits that are usually comedic or satirical in tone too. Like Serengeti:

    Or the Presidential Motorcade

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    I ****ing love them.

    I'm not even mad at zygote. I came up with something similar awhile back.
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