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    Still not finished the background or the pictures but does he look more like venom what do you guys think

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    You're working backwards. You started with the costume and worked your way in. Start with the character, Peter, work your way out and then drape the figure.

    Peter has a round chin not a V. Peter endures no Capt Marvel boy to god transformation, he's the same size after the bite as he was before. His strength is in his blood, not his build. Spider-Mans eyes are not triangular, they're tear drops. Note the grossly unnatural position of his left hand and right foot. On any other character, that would be wrong but, bone breaking posture is part of Spidey's shtick. It's something you can use to separate him from all other characters.

    You want to establish some sort of "line up" for your characters or they all start to look alike. Aunt May and the She Hulk are not the same body type. No one has to agree with my line up but, surely we can all agree that Spidey, one of the scrawniest heroes in comics, has a different body than Capt America, the height of human physical perfection.

    Character first, costume second.

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    I can't argue what Paul has said....I'm not sure how much time you have put into this drawing...but!..I'd say Finish it..or Not...depending on your thoughts...then Keep in mind what Smitty has mentioned...all in all your gonna get better...
    Keep that Pencil Busy!


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