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Thread: Colorist Needed for Comic pages

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    Colorist Needed for Comic pages

    Hello everyone,
    My name is David Pentecost and me and my Collaborator Stephen Tramontona are looking for a colorist (PAID) to color 24 pages plus cover and a few promotional images (and if all goes well, future issues of the book). The current book we are working on is an All Ages space adventure story. Issue 1 is drawn and the first four issues are written. We are looking to complete issue 01 and then submit issue 01 and a synopsis of the four issue mini series to publishers.

    Looking for a colorist who does not over render or use too many Photoshop effects. I really enjoy the work of Matthew Wilson, Dave Stewart, Matt Hollingsworth, Jody Belaire, FCO Plascencia, Justin Ponser etc. Nice, thoughtful colors that compliment the line art.

    Here are a few pages of the book as samples so you can see the line art you would be coloring:

    We would need final pages at 600DPI preferably through DropBox or a similar service. We would require you to sign a work for hire contract and payment would be through PayPal.

    Please email your page rate, availability, your time frame for completing pages and samples to:

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    If you haven't found anyone, I have two contacts who do excellent work BUT they only accept payment via paypal.

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    Funny enough, I saw this colorist looking for work right under your posting. Maybe give him a spin and see what chops he's got?
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    Hi everyone, thanks for the wonderful portfolios and emails. We have plenty to choose from.



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