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Thread: Photobucket solution

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    Photobucket solution

    So there is artist resources and blogs that are affected by PB not allowing third party hosting. What free picture hosting sites do you see holding up? It looks like it will be ever changing though and it looks like we lost 50% grey drawing tips, draw offs and art blogs.

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    Imgur seems like a good one, they use it as a source for posting pics at a forum I go to
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    Image Hosting?

    I've been using photobucket for years to host images to which I would link on forums such as these, which I thought was the whole point of that site. Anyway I got a message yesterday restricting from doing that saying that I have to upgrade to a $40 a month(!!!) plan to continue using it that way.

    What are you guys using to host your images? I have my deviantart account, but I prefer not to load it up with redlines of other people's work.

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    Been using for the last few years. Don't even need an account if just wanna upload something quickly to post somewhere and don't care about losing track of it.

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    Photobucket has been a p.i.t.a. for the last couple years, still I kept using it via the android app. If this holds true, its ginally time to find something else.
    Imgur didnt work for me last ciuple times I tried here on the boards. I use imgbox a couple times, dunno if theyre still around

    Edit: still working via the app. I usually upload it to my dropbox and then upload the pic from my phone via the app.
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    2,307 seems to be the big thing in image hosting as of late. You can post image's larger then you can with photobucket.

    Here is some extra info.

    From what I've read there limiting the “3rd party hosting” for non-paying users. edit

    Quote Originally Posted by Photobucket
    3. What users are affected by the changes to our 3rd Party Hosting

    Moving forward, new and legacy free account users will NOT have third party
    hosting available.

    Quote Originally Posted by Photobucket
    Non Plus 500 Account subscribers that purchased after June 1, 2017 will not have access to 3rd Party Hosting.
    Old non-paying users are not effected! For now.
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    I now have around 10 years worth of threads on here and other sites that have dead links to my artwork because of Photobucket. This is so f#@ked up.
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    I guess the takeaway here is to get your own webspace for a couple bucks and upload there, if you want ypur stuff to last. When photobicket kills of my links, there is not much going to be left here time to make new art!
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    Me - You can make a tumblr account. It's free.

    Snobby British Guy with a Martini Vodka in Hand - But sir, you are very mistaken, on tumblr you can't link to the thread now can you?

    Me - But of course you can!! You post something and then go to where you posted it, right click and "open image in new tab" there you will find the link with what you need (jpg, png etc etc at the end)

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    Both Laugh

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    It's the photobucket apocalypse. This is crazy. I'm not paying $400 a year. They can lick me.
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