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Thread: Endgame short comic

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    Endgame short comic

    Here is a short comic i did, any comments and critiques are welcome and appreciated, thanks

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    First page, second panel would be better if the sidewalk perspective was leading into the third panel.

    Page 2, those four last panels perfectly lined up could be broken up more pleasing to the eye if you spread the verticle gutters a bit so they don't line up with ones above or below it. I think the guys want to fight him, then run away, he's confused, then it's revealed that there's a dragon demon behind him.

    It's hard to tell that the guys were running away. I would sketch out some poses of running away figures before transfering them to the final page. Also, I think you need an over the shoulder reaction shot to break up the jump cut of the long shot of them running away and him seeing the dragon demon thingie.

    Page 3 I'm really having a hard time telling what is happening in the second row sequence from the bottom.

    Nice storytelling. Nice story. Artwork looks like you have an eye for shots, but you are rushing to the ink stage instead of drawing the shapes and using reference and taking your time.

    That skeleton on the last shot is weak. You spent all that time inking the keyboard, you couldn't just do a pass on the ribs or bevel the keys on the keyboard first? Use some reference for the skeleton hands. You have google image search. Use it.

    These look like inked roughs. Just spend a little time refining your depth before you jump into the ink phase.

    Nice stuff here! You are telling a story! Keep it up!

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