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    Webcomic Sequential Pages

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    You're doing some tricky stuff in that beginning. I'm not sure I know if I like it or not. And I like the fact that you are making me ask that. Very well done!!!

    The narration scrolls are a bit distracting and repetitive. But besides SPAWN I never was into that style, so it might be personal nit pick there.

    The guys opening the door should be pulling on handles or something. There's something lacking in there. Maybe just a lack of reference. They don't really look like they are opening or closing, just standing there holding the door.

    The last panel with what looks like an insert panel has some planning problems. The curtain doesn't look like it touches the ground even. Whoever installed that thing needs to be beheaded. And it looks like you didn't decide if you wanted him standing there or walking. Perhaps if you cut to him standing there in front of the king, we can do the math between panels. That insert panel of the head is not well planned. It looks like you just threw it in there. I would suggest you draw that last panel traditionally first, then design the talking to the king shot after.

    Nice work! There's little figure nit picks that aren't perfect, but you are doing some great storytelling here. Keep it up!

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    Hey, Eddie
    Sorry for late replying, and thank u for the tips.. I do agree with you and I'm keep working in order to make you being sure you like it from now on! lol

    Thanks a lot

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