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    NOVA Samples

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    I like your attention to textures.

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    Beautiful stuff but a bit... schizophrenic. I get a strong "Roger Rabbit" feel, where the Nova baby is in ToonTown and everything else is Bob Hoskins in the real world.

    The Nova baby's unnatural toon posture (1/1), mismatched proportions (1/3) spaghetti limbs (3/2) 2 right legs (3/4) all work to make him comparatively unreal. The halo around him doesn't help giving him a flat 2D appearance. The only panel that feels homogenous is 3/5 where you dropped the halo and Nova appears grown rather than 5 years old.

    Toons are great (my first true love) Roger Rabbit is a great film but the work needs to figure out if its "real" or not. Nova may be a stranger in a strange land but I don't remember him as a stranger to our 3D reality.

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    Great pencilworks! On thing I dont get is on the last page he is rescuing the granny but on the last panel he has two people in tow?
    We haven't seen the second one for the whole page, if I am not mistaken.
    Good stuff anyway!
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