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Thread: steel vengeance

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    Elbow to wrist out the knuckle of the index finger is, as previously discussed and here shown, one straight line.

    Is it possible to hold the sword off plane. Of course, people do things incorrectly all the time. Of what benefit is this to us? None. Spending time measuring to insure an incorrect angle is a waste of time. Hinging your story on the reader having a protractor handy, " He lost because his grip was off .0413!!!" That's just bad storytelling.

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    Well... let's just leave it where it is at. I'm not even totally sure we are talking apples and apples. I'm cool with it all.

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    just wanted to say thanks Smitty for your feedback earlier, i will work more on my style and consistency

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    Dang! This post turned into a really cool How To Draw book!

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    Bedtime, I kinda overlooked your actual pages responding to the other bit..
    The style comments are on point. You start off on Sean Gordon Murphy, then progress into Wally Wood and so on. The backgrounds feel bare in a lot of places but more importantly the pages feel "light". Sean Gordon Murphy talks about how he tries to do something like 75% of his pages in spot black (approx) if he can and for the style(s) and theme of this story I definitely think it would benefit you. You also start off with some awesome textures but that falls off on the last bits.

    I like the color treatment though if I'm going to be completely honest it does read a lot like you're trying to clone SGMs books. I do like the treatment but be aware that some might see it that way. Personally, I wouldn't change it just expect that specific set of feedback.
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    Hi MLAW, that's interesting about the 75% in spot black, I will give that a go. I am a fan of murphy's work but I wasn't really trying clone his stuff. About the backgrounds being bare ive been reading a lot of Rafael Albuquerque work like huck and American vampire and he uses very minimal backgrounds, I find it helps to keep the story moving pretty fast. I found reading huck to be a very quick and satisfying read because of this, I sat down and finished the 6 issues in one sitting. Im still experimenting with stuff I guess but thanks for your feedback.

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    What Sean Gordon Murphy says it's to avoid equal amounts of black and white on a panel, direct the eye with either more black or more white, it's just a rule he follows, i'll drop the link if you care to check, around 5.30 he speaks about it.
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