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Thread: Ink of Carriers, Pilot Studios Comic

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    Television Ink of Carriers, Pilot Studios Comic

    Hi, everyone!

    Today i'm gonna show you the inking of some pages that i've been doing.

    Hope you enjoy!

    Page 1

    Page 2

    Page 3

    Page 4

    Hope you guys liked it!
    Comment if you want to see more in the future


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    Perspective is really off in the first three pages. Did you use sketchup or another program?

    I did a drawover in clip studio to show you the problems.

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    Welcome aboard

    Your drawing is reasonably solid but, in all kindness, your perspective is completely smurfed. If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, you know just enough to blow the Earth out of orbit.

    First, with apologies, lets do some icky math.

    Distance to the horizon is D=√1.5 E. Where D = distance in miles and E= height of eyes above the horizon in feet. Distance between VPs is determined by the Pythagorean theorem; A+B=C. The example above is based on Capt America on the shore with eyes approx 6 feet above the horizon. Your guy appears to be on about the 10th floor or 100 feet of the ground. This places VPs over 17 MILES apart. This doesn't mean you need a ruler 17 miles long, it means the VPs cannot be placed virtually atop one another. Get the VPs away from each other, away from the panel, away from the page.

    Assuming standard 11x17 paper on a standard 2x3 drawing board, properly placed VPs won't even fit on the board, let alone the page, let alone inside the drawing

    Panel 1- You CANNOT employ 2 VPs on the horizon inside the frame. If there's a VP on the horizon inside the frame it's 1 point or 4 point, NEVER 2 or 3 point.

    If the horizon is in the shot, there is NEVER a 3rd point: 1,2 or 4 but NEVER 3. If there's a VP below the horizon, there MUST be a VP above. This is not optional. According to YOU the red lines I've drawn are straight and do not bend.

    Panel 2- If there's a VP to the right, there MUST be a VP to the left. Where the horizontals cross to the other side of the VP they MUST acknowledge the VP on that same side. According to YOU, the red horizontals are straight and do not bend.

    Nothing will make or break your career faster than your perspective or lack thereof. Proper perspective starts with proper placement of VPs.

    If the horizon is in the shot there is NEVER a 3rd point; 1,2 or 4 but NEVER 3.

    If the horizon inside the frame contains a VP then its 1 or 4 point, NEVER 2 or 3.

    If the horizonal VP is inside the frame, center it. The closer the VP to the frame (inside or out) the more distortion you get

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