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Thread: RIP Adam West (1928-2017)

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    RIP Adam West (1928-2017)

    Best known as The Batman from 1966, later known (at least to nerds like us) as The Grey Ghost, Timothy North, and Adam Weeeeeeee, he was by all reports a genial and good-natured actor who loved his fans.

    He is survived by his wife of 47 years, his five children, six grandchildren and three great-granchildren. 88 years is a pretty great run, but clearly he will be missed.

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    Yeah, heard about this about an hour ago ... man really honest & well intended human being too ...

    If you haven't go listen to his discussion with Chris Hardwick on the Nerdist podcast... truly cool human being

    I think he was multi generational ... was the Happy Batman for many of us growing up ...RIP Bright Knight

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    RIP Mr West. You were my first Batman and you will be remembered with great fondness.
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    That sucks. I was just watching an episode of his version of Batman a few days ago. And if I'm honest, beside TAS it's my favorite version. I enjoy the campiness and how it was much less serious than most all of the superhero stuff that people have been inundated with these days.

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    RIP Mr West.

    Still love that Batman show and watch it even today.

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    How can you not love Adam West. He's not necessarily my Batman, but he's most certainly the Batman. I also like how he became an icon himself.

    I'm sure he wished he had gotten more varied and interesting roles, but I don't get the feeling he resented the career he ended up with. There are so many roles where he was basically only cast because of Batman, and some of those (lovingly) mock the role and his persona.
    I love that he was game to take those on and seemingly had fun with them. Even something like "Beware of the Gray Ghost" is about a washed up actor who once played a Batman facsimile. I can imagine a lot of actors taking offense to that, but he took it and did a great job with it.

    It kinda says something when he's the only thing in Family Guy that genuinely makes me smile.

    Someone pointed me to this failed tv pilot. Makes me wish he had become a bigger comedic actor. He's so good in it (even if again, it's a bit of a wink to his status as an actor);

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    Yeah, I was seeing that just today for the first time jharker... he was so much more than Batman ... I mean HE MADE that role. It had good ideas and he definitely contributed to them.... Major kudos Adam... hope the universe is treating you well... Till we meet next time Mr West

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    Rest in Peace Old Chum

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    Yea, this one really stings.

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    Adam West you will be missed! Batman fan's may have their dark knight, but Adam West will be the only true Caped Crusader!


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