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Thread: Putty in my hands

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    Putty in my hands

    A short joke - it was maybe better as a gag strip, but I made a page out of it. I enjoyed drawing and inking, but enjoyed colouring less. The first panel feels a little chaotic, maybe I put too many things in it.

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    This is delightful.

    In the first panel, I think you could ditch one of Donna's word balloons (doesn't matter which- they're both good responses). Really, that's about all I can think of. Otherwise this is so weird and fun, like most all your stuff.

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    This is great. It's like Bill Griffiths meets Charles Burns. Very cool.

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    Thanks for taking a look and the replies. Yes, I suppose one balloon would be enough - comes over a little disjointed now, maybe. Thanks for the comment!

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    Heh, I too enjoyed reading this. My crit would be the first panel yellow part's layout making it look like a backyard, rather than back alley.

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    This reminds me of a tails of terror...or tails from the crypt...good 1 pg'r
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    Thanks for taking a look and the replies! I do love old EC comics, and read a lot of them. And Humble tomato - that was a part I found a little bit of trouble, drawing and colouring-in. I wanted to make it like a sunny street, maybe it came out a little unclear. The fence might also give it a backyard feeling instead of an alley, now I look at it again.


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