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Thread: Commission - Request for Proposal - Jan 2018

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    Commission - Request for Proposal - Jan 2018

    I'm starting this early because of the infrequency I get to visit these boards and to ensure I give someone good time for good quality.

    My Birthday is in January. I think things are going to be alright going forward. So I finally want an actual commission of the characters I like. Something that I want to put on my walls, inspire me and especially if it helps some here along the way.

    I've got a million sketches of Batman because Comic Artists are lazy bum holes and he's easy to do. Well I am sick of Batman. I don't even like him.

    So here's what I am going to do:

    I'm a 90s comic kid and I love the X-TREME Image style. I am going to list up things I do like. Styles and artists I like and other stuff. And if you think you can do something cool - message me.

    If you think you've got a good portfolio for me to check out and consider you for a commission, we'll discuss money and the general premise of what you're planning to do and boom - make it happen.

    My Location - England

    Payment Method - I like paying via PayPal. Though happy to discuss.

    What I need from you
    - Explanation of what medium you're thinking of producing and your pricing. (Splash, Panels?)
    - Size

    I am thinking standard 11x17 Black and White inks. However I am open to to ideas at this point.

    Due Date Must be delivered for Jan 2018.

    Budget - Max - £200 (~$250) for the art. That's not to say that is the ambition.

    If you're good enough I'll pay well enough. Mostly, I am willing to pay fairly. I'll consider the postage costs separately.

    I've made a few purchases here from guys on the board. You name your rate and if I think what your pricing vs your portfolio are aligned - deal done. If you go after $250 and I think you stink, I am not buying.

    I might even buy multiple pieces - if no one impresses me to buy for a single item.

    Stuff to avoid - Nothing porno. Nothing controversial politically / religiously. Violence is cool.

    Favourite Comic Characters:

    01) Scarlet Spider
    02) Spider-Man
    03) Gambit
    04) Superman
    05) Guy Gardner
    06) Nightwing
    07) Incredible Hulk
    08) Cyclops (Jim Lee Design)
    09) Iron Man (Force Works era Suit)
    10) Captain Marvel (Shazam)
    11) Sentry
    12) Psylocke
    13) Rogue
    14) Storm
    15) She-Hulk

    Favourite Artists and why:

    John Romita Jr (Spider-Man)
    Jim Lee (X-Men, Batman Hush)
    Klaus Janson (Spider-Man, Batman Black and White)
    Chris Bachelo (Generation X / Generation Next)
    Mark Bagley (Amazing Spider-Man)
    Greg Capullo (Spawn)
    Mike Bair (Various - Beautiful Inker)
    Larry Stroman (X-Factor)
    Rick Leonardi (Spider-Man 2099)
    Scott McDaniel (Nightwing)
    Adam Kubert (X-Men)
    Norm Breyfogle (Batman)
    Kevin Maguire (JLI)
    Dan Jurgens (Booster Gold)
    John Byrne (X-Men, Superman)
    Brian Bolland (Judge Death)
    Lenil Francis Yu (Wolverine)
    Mark Buckingham(Spider-Man)
    Andy Kubert (X-Men)
    Bart Sears (JLE)
    Gil Kane (Atom, Superman)
    Marshall Rogers (Batman)

    Non-Comic Stuff I like and will consider:

    WWF / WWE - Especially HHH, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Yokozuna and Brock Lesnar
    Movies: Terminator, Robocop
    Anime: Initial D, Slam Dunk, DBZ and GTO.
    Favourite Football Team: Manchester United - Especially 90s players.

    Really: Your imagination + Execution = My Enjoyment.

    I look forward to seeing proposals.

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    My name is Diego Martinez, I am an illustrator from Argentina.
    I am interested in your project, I have experience in similar jobs.
    I am a professional illustrator of the School of Visual Arts Martin Malharro in the city of Mar del Plata, Argentina.
    I invite you to see my works and folder in:


    From now I thank you for your attention.

    Best regards.

    Diego Martinez.

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    So many possibilities... I'd love to talk about a possible commission.

    Here's my Deviantart gallery. Check it out and get in touch if you like what you see.

    Thanks for looking!

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    this interests me. you can check out my works at

    let me know if you're interested in my services

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    I'm interested, here is some of my work

    I offer my service for $50 a colored drawing and $25 for a black and white comission.

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    Hi,i'm interested in the job offer , You can see my sequential samples in my portfolio of Artstation.


    Ramón Pérez

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    Very interesting request.
    My name is Sebastian Valencia, I´m a designer and comic book artist, I've worked with a couple of writers from UK before, illustrating comic books and pitches. I think I can do something cool with your favourites characters.
    Do you want traditional art o digital?

    Well, you can visit my online portfolio to see some exampes of my work.
    If you like it, we could talk about rates.
    Best regards!

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    thanks for the interest, however I've picked an artist for this now.


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