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Thread: Kirby Tribute: Frightful Four WIP

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    I vote #4 ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazyjedichicken View Post
    I agree they all look great but the composition could use some tweaking. Did a little tweak in photoshop if it helps!

    Really looking forward to your take on these guys! keep us posted!
    I agree with PMS. I lean towards this layout. It's got more depth. Having PPP up front really puts his gun in your face which will allow for some great Kirby foreshortening and shiny metal effects. Wizard looks properly egotistical and maniacal (are you gonna give him some Kirby Krackle around his fists?). Sandman looks good, but maybe consider having his fist/hand shaped into something more out there (just think Kirby and all the crazy/kool stuff he came up with). Lastly, Medusa is perfect in that locale because behind every great man (or team of male super-villains) is a woman! LOL! Her hair could definitely fill out a lot of space and you might even consider having some of it snaking around the other characters as a way to tie it all together.

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    Thanks everyone,always appreciated.Going to go with the 4th composition,will play around and tidy it up and eliminate those pesky tangents, try and get something close to finished pencils over the weekend.
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    Gah! feel like i wrecked the pencils with my amateur hour Inks, welcome any crit,tips and advice I can take forward to the next piece
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    Very cool!!!! Kudos


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