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Thread: Batgirl

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    Started this a while ago as a practice.. and didn't progress much because it didn't turn out as I wished..
    But finished now anyhow to get some feedback please..

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    I like it! I am curious on how it differs from what you wanted. Only things that jumps out at me is thumbs are usually behind the waist and her legs are a tad too long.
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    Looks cool, i would recede her left leg a litlle, and add a lot of blacks in there.
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    Love it man! I'm with Josem, needs lots of blacks and recede that leg, but for the rest is fantastic. Tell me you're going to ink it!
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    This morning I had no time to take an in deep look. Here's what I think you could change. Consider Veritas advice about the legs, they're long considering she has no high heels. But I've seen artists out there to do legs even longer, so it's a matter of personal tastes while they look proportioned, I guess. I would put her a bit of heels and maintain their actual lenght. Well, I'll give it a try and see if it works.

    I'm mainly pointing on the rotation of her right leg, I think it looks better if you rotate it outwards a bit. This will cause the displcement of several things, but it's not a great deal.

    If there's something wrong, I apologize!

    And man, I really love this drawing!

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    Yeah upper half is too small for her lower half. Or the other way around. Nice work otherwise.

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    Al's got the lower body covered. I'd add that the feet should be more feminine or they should go full combat boot. Either is fine but, sell it.

    BatGIRL is a crime-fighter, not a wet nurse. It is not her mission to feed the hungry masses. Reduce breasts to a more girlish size.

    Give her a girl's waist. Get the waist up, up and away from the navel.

    Give her a girl's hips.

    Watch your centerline.

    Get the elbows behind the back.

    To sell the arms in perspective start with the arc of the elbow as it leaves the hip (1)
    Draw a line representing the length of the forearm in perspective (2)
    Use that line as a radius to draw a second arc (3)
    Where arcs 1&3 meet, there's your elbow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veritas71 View Post
    I am curious on how it differs from what you wanted.
    I was going for the side thrusted hip , and I realized the whole body was not right for that. but thanks for the encouragement!

    Quote Originally Posted by Josem View Post
    i would recede her left leg a litlle, and add a lot of blacks in there.
    Not sure what you mean by "recede her left leg". you mean move her left foot to the screen left ?
    And since I'm not very good with blacks.. would appreciate it if anybody show where to put the blacks..

    Almayer - that's great pointers and something that will help me understand leg anatomy..Appreciate it!
    the thumbs.. The hands are supposed to be on the utility belt pouches, but I understand I need to sell it better.
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    Nice style, comes over pretty good. I like the background too, plenty of space to add blacks and make it dramatic.

    Lots of good advice already given - I wouldn't mind seeing Smitty's elbows/forearm idea with a bit more detail... just to learn from, I struggle with this type of pose all the time. And as mentioned, her left hand is well done, the other draws a bit too much attention maybe. It's a natural stance, but I understand that it's not the easiest to render.

    Her abdomen could use a bit more volume and the legs - even if a bit stylized - are too big/long and out of perspective (more worm's-eye), and also a little skewed. Again, fine advice already given - but if you haven't done it already, I'd slightly reduce the drawing and mirror it. It's the easiest way to see what's not quite right.

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    Thanks for the valuable tips Smitty.. lots of crucial things to remember for me..

    I was gonna fight for the breasts.. because I'm still a man..(albeit the middle aged one)
    But looking at them again, they do look too big for that build.

    Quote Originally Posted by Smitty View Post
    Give her a girl's hips.
    Could you let me know what makes my version look not girl's ones ? Is the pelvis too narrow, or is it the shape ?

    For the elbow technic.. I'm glad I'm not the only one not getting it..Could you help on that please?
    I'm guessing the no 1 curve is based on this radius in perspective from the shoulder,, but how do we decide the 2nd line's length ?


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