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Thread: Awesome Inkers Needed

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    Awesome Inkers Needed


    We are in search of some Awesome Inkers.

    Please send me some sequentials of your art. Send them to

    Thanks for reading,
    Hope to hear from you soon,


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    Hi, Stacey!
    I'd be very interested in your inking position(s) and hope that you will recognize that in my portfolio. I can ink like Neal Adams, Rudy Nebres (my fave) or a more traditional Joe Sinnott. I know I've just listed 3 HUGE names in the comics world of inking, but I'd love to do a sample for you, gratis, based ob the work of one of your pencilers. (I may not QUITE match the ability of these gentlemen, but I can come close.) I can also work over rough layouts to do finishes. BTW: My workflow is 100% digital. Phillips


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