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Thread: The Punisher which one?

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    The Punisher which one?



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    I like just the roses. It calls more attention when less is used. All the red blood dilutes the effect.
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    Good point. I still want to contrast the violence of the blood and the tenderness of the roses. Maybe I'll try pulling way back on the blood and see if that helps. I'll post a couple more versions in a little bit. Thanks!

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    I the problem I see with the blood is the whole lower arm is completely red, giving no room for the roses to stand out. I also feel Veritas is onto something here, the roses as a storytelling device only work when they're the only colored bits in the piece imo.
    Great work, nonetheless!
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    It's the values. I like the bottom one in concept but the red is bright.. but the blacks are more of a 50% gray. I would try darkening the red a little and darkening the blacks like.. to pretty much black..

    Here.. I popped it into Photoshop and just adjusted the levels ever so slightly.
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    Yeah i didnt see the roses until someone mention them. I was staring at the bush (ha ha) next to the grave stone thinking I'd missed them. they are really getting lost in all that blood.

    Though MLAW did fix it a bit with the contrast.

    Its pretty darned impressive though. I wish i could ink to that level.
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    The one above with the blood and the roses works for me. Great work btw!

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    I like both, great work. In a B/W piece i would pick only one element to give color, i would go with only the roses, plus it seems he's crying besides being hurt, seeying the punisher crying it's a strong statement. The pain of loosing his family is the message here, the roses represent that. Opinions will vary, this is just mine, great piece again.
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    Both are solid, but I'm with Josem in chosing only on color focal point. Honestly, the blood seems too much, in a way. Takes away from the sombre mood of the piece at times.
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