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Thread: Trying to attempt to write a comicbook

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    Question Trying to attempt to write a comicbook

    Hello i'm Joe i'm new here. I been trying to write a story for my comic book, And writing ain't my strength at all, So anyways the story it's about The government start to releasing the monsters. There secret agency was prepared this happened. There is man find out the government kidnap his son. Some how this man find his friend work in the agency. His friend advise to him to become Super solider to find his son.

    If you like to give me criticism or suggestion to help me

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    I hate to see a thread go ignored but I'm not sure how to help with this. It's hard to follow because of the way it's written. Have you proofread it? No offense meant but is English your second language? If so I would write in your native tongue and have it translated while you work on improving your writing skills.

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    Sorry. about my horrible Grammar. But when I'm finished with my writing, I make sure everything looks good. Spanish is my second language and I know some other language as well. Sometimes I forget about my English grammar but if I gave myself some time I could fix it. That's why my writing now is in Comic book format, just to avoid writing to much detail in the description like they do in books.

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    I see. Well, based upon what I can make out I would work on making your longline or elevator pitch a little more clear. Set up who is your protagonist, what does he want, what stands in his way, and what happens if he or she fails. Right now this is a bit of a jumble and I'm not sure who the main character is or what he wants. Keep writing, sometimes nailing down a quick blurb to describe your project is the hardest part.


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