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Thread: Rogue One

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    Rogue One

    So this is an old piece i started last year, i decided to ink it last night and i added some colours as well. Oh and gd news that the engagement to Felicity Jones is still on, just thought you might want to know.





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    First, I still love the engagement joke. This piece looks great and you fixed a lot from the original. My only quibble is lighting. She and the AT-ATs are inexplicably lit from below. On a beaching during the day highlights go on top.

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    It's not really working for me. Her head is not integrated well into his head. They look like they are physically together rather than being overlapped images. And Vaders head looks like it's coming out of the Death Star. It seems to be missing the subtleties that make a montage work.

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    I hope you dont take offence to this, but there is something about your current process which really devalues your pencils.

    your sketch work has so much more life in it that doesnt translate over to your ink, and almost everything good about your work is completely lost in the colours.

    personally I think you should invest more detail in your inking stage. SO much detail that is being implied with your pencils is being lost there.
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    Hi rich, i might be able to make Jyns face and vadors helmet looking better by blending the colours together better. I'm not sure what else I can do tbh.

    Hi seithe I don't take any offence to your comment. I've heard people say my pencils are better than my other stuff before. I think you have to consider that I'm doing the pencils inks and colours all by myself. A lot of artists would just do the pencils and be done with it so not every part of the process is going to be as strong as the last if that makes sense.

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    Well here's the thing, from where I stand, your pencils are pretty tight. I don't think you can improve them that much more. Unless you go into full on pencil rendering.

    Sooooooo, how about those inks?
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    You want more detail in the inks? I kind of like my stuff to look simple and clean. Theres a lot more going on in the pencils stage so that when I come to the inks I decide what lines to keep and what to get rid of.

    Ill be honest I always thought my inking was pretty strong, I've been inking with a brush for years now and I always thought it looked pretty fluid and natural.

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    Yeah it does look fluid and natural you just need more of it, in my opinion. If I commissioned you for a piece I'd be looking at the pencils and then the at inks and thinking I'd been shortchanged. I think your going TOO minimalistic.

    For instance, your hinting at clouds in your pencil version but they arent in your inks. Your star destroyers have more detail in the pencils I understand you have gone for a stylised colouring it just feels rushed. There is far more depth in the AT-ATs in your pencils than your inks.
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    The only time I would expect the lines to be THAT minimalistic would be if it was a really cramped panel or they were background (like.. far background) elements.

    Different strokes (pun) for different folks but I would consider those inks to be a rough first pass and either follow up with a smaller brush or some micron pens. I also think it needs a lot more texture.

    As to "but I do it all".. well.. that's quite a few of the people here.

    Color is probably the weakest aspect. The values are strange and the temperatures are all over the place. I think as bright as the lower third is (and most of the middle too tbh), a space backdrop probably would make more sense. As it is, the whole thing is just super bright and the lack of textures and minimalist (but very thick) inking makes the ink detract from your color work.. to the point that it looks like the inks are floating over the color.
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    Thanks seithe, mlaw, I'll take on board what you highlighted for my next piece


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