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Thread: Hela vs. Mjolnir

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    Hela vs. Mjolnir

    Inspired by the new Thor Ragnarok trailer. In particular, the scene where Hela stops Mjolnir after Thor's throw. But, I decided to go old school with her costume.

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    I'd use the composition the trailer used. Have thors hammer up close to the camera at equal size to Hela.

    Force that perspective.
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    Well done Rene!

    Old school is perfect for this tribute book.
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    Her left arm is too long, as though the elbow is thrust forward rather than slightly back. She seems to be squatting.

    To sell the arm in perspective start with the arc of the elbow as it leaves the hip (1)
    Draw a line representing the length of the forearm in perspective (2)
    Use that line as a radius to draw a second arc (3)
    Where arcs 1&3 meet, there's your elbow.

    If the knees bend, SELL it. BEND them and dig those feet into the ground. But, if her stance is nonchalant, get those knees back. Life is an "S". Note my leg curves are not single curves but double curves, S like curves. By the time they approach the knee. the curve is concave rather than convex.

    In a 3/4 shot, there's no thigh gap. Overlap your forms.

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    Seithe - Maybe on the next Hela/Mjolnir commission. I was way too fixated on Hela to give Mjolnir the spotlight That camera shot is definitely dramatic though.

    Samson- I dig on old school, very much.

    Smitty- Thank you for those pointers. I'm going to fix those points in my drawing before I set to doing the inks.
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    Great choice! And some solid advice in here as well. I'm not sure if ya have to change the cropping or angle like the screen cap, but yeah, I'd like to see maybe more emphasis on the hammer catch.
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    Yah I wasn't really suggesting go all out and redo, its pretty soild IMHO. Just something closer to this, add in an extra dimension, she looks kind of flat to me. Like the hammer is the same size.

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