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Thread: 3 recent pieces

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    3 recent pieces

    I did these recently, they are all based on videogames. Before i started drawing i would literally just play games all day lol so i do kind of miss those days but really enjoy drawing different characters from them.

    uncharted drakes fortune

    Blackwood Crossing

    Lara Croft

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    Watch your perspective and beware clumsy hands.

    The Jeep is pulling a one tire wheelie. The rear, driver side, wheel is the only one contacting the ground. The jeep is in the act of a barrel rool and careening over the cliff.

    We can forgive the clumsy fingers on the kid in the clubhouse as character. The hands on the cigar and camera... bleech. You're better than that.

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    Thanks Smitty, i really appreciate that comment. I think i need to take a bit more time on some of these pieces, i have a tendency to rush through them a lot of the time.


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