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Thread: Eisner Tribute: Black Queen

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    A new version of the idea. I need to spot the blacks carefully, and I'm not so good with that, let's see what happens.

    If you see any issue please tell me!

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    Love it! With the main light coming from the hallway, your going to lose a lot of her pose, due to the cape. You might try moving the guards flashlight so it illuminates her from the front.
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    Wow! This is a marked improvement on the first shot! Excellent work!

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    This is a great piece of art.

    Concerning lighting, I would suggest having a skylight be the main source, not the hallway. Then you can have a very appropriate window shadow criss crossing the floor. And it will spotlight the main figure. You can apply for your artistic license not to put those window shadows on her, it’s allowed in comicbook noir.

    Now you’ve already set the rules that this is stylized lighting and you can apply blacks as needed to help your composition.

    And flip the Spirit’s brim down, so he looks cooler and more about the business of stopping her. His pose is great. That’s how the Spirit would enter.

    A well placed shadow can hide the tangent of his elbow with the frame.

    We can’t be looking down at the floor and see under his coat at the same time.
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    Love it man!
    My nitpicks would be..

    His right leg seems a tad awkward. After posing myself in 3/4 in front of mirror.. I think the foot/leg is too profile and/or the sole angle should be almost perpendicular to the floor. I found it hurts to angle my foot like that with that much knee bent.

    Her neck seems a tad stiff.

    Her right leg seems too long, but I can't put my finger on it if it's because the foot looks planted to the ground or what else..
    Could you PM me if you had any reference image ?

    That huge portrait head seems a bit too distracting for my taste to be inbetween the 2 main heads. But not sure if it can be easily solved with coloring/lighting..

    The image as is is great.. just pointing them out for our perfection-ness!!

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    It looks spectacular, but I would tie up and gag the security guard because it looks like she shot him and the Spirit doesn't give a shit.

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    Thank you guys!

    Good points everyone. I need to retouch the whole image a bit, especially the Spirit and BQ poses (I can see clearly everything humble is pointing; Symson, man, the point of the under coat... I hate to fail in the easiest parts ). I think I'll change a bit her expression too, it is not exactly the one I had in mind. And I'll change and add some details in the bg. Maybe I need to change the woman portrait for something less striking, like a landscape or, don't know, maybe abstract painting (?).

    The lighting is the big problem here. You're giving me some good ideas to solve it, I'll do some tests and decide. Looks that I put myself in big trouble with this piece! But I'm glad you like it!
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    GREAT attitude on the Spirit.

    The Spirit is not a cowboy. The brim of your hat is upside down and sideways. Here's a trick I got from Gilbert Shelton of Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers Fame. The brim is a figure 8. Note how the finished brim is "short" on our left side because it flips up in the back to keep rain from pouring down the collar.

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    Thanks Smitty for the trick on hats! Very useful!

    I got here the image again with some changes and a test on shadows. The idea was to put a big window on the left side (out of the format) that let's moonlight get into scene. On the left image you see how I've spotted the black areas in a different layer with around 50% opacity... then on the right, with full opacity, so much gets lost. So to keep some shapes visible I've tried to put some rim light but looks that is not enough, and I've also replaced some of the big black areas with hatchs for the same reason, as for the Spirit, that I'm quite sure should be more covered with shadows. I guess I must use some more hatching here and there to balance this mess, but could I take these "licenses"?

    I put more light on the side of the cape next to the jewels as I put little lights inside the glass (but I guess they're not much visible).

    I told you before I'm not good spotting blacks!

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    Surprised I didn't see this sooner, got hyp-mo-tized by your hat.

    If you want to sell 40's, no navel. Belly buttons were next to illegal in the media back then, all the way up through the 60s with Annette Funicello, Gilligan's Mary Anne, I Dream of Jeanne (pardon the American references, I don't know what Spanish kids grew up with on TV). The bikini's original designer couldn't find a single professional fashion model willing to wear such a scandalous outfit and had to hire a stripper for the first photo shoot. Lift the waistline at least to the waist if not above. As the waist is higher than the navel, either will do.

    Too much rim light. Unless necessary, leave it out. The Spirit doesn't need any at all. The gun arm doesn't need it; leave shadow off the arm and allow it's cast shadow define the edge. Same with the diamond arm. The hair doesn't need it. If the Spirit has extreme side light (and you say he does) his shadow will be near parallel to the wall, it won't hit the guard and you can drop that rim light too. The shadow on the cabinet should match that of the floor, solid black. If things get lost in shadow here or there, GOOD! That's what shadows are for.

    Good call on the picture in the hallway. Still says museum but doesn't attract attention the way a face would.


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