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Thread: Arachnidia- Sequentials for Pummel

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    What's with the spaces, ( hyphenation? ), on the text?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Josem View Post
    What's with the spaces, ( hyphenation? ), on the text?
    Thats the photoshop justified (left) text. I really dont like aligned left, but I'm still tweaking.
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    This isn't a big break of the 180 rule. The next panel is a wide shot and people will orient themselves quickly because they know she's going to be outside the booth as a customer. In film there are a few times you can break the 180 rule and that's when the audience is going to understand where everyone is facing just based on the environment. For instance, if you're filming a baseball scene you can break the 180 rule with the batter with minimal confusion because you know he's going to be facing the pitcher, not turned around and facing the backstop. Similarly, you can break the 180 rule in a car because it's understood that all the seats face the front window. It's not perfect cinema, but you can get away with it.

    Imo, clerk/customer at a kiosk is understood well enough that we understand where she is in the second panel. Imo, the bigger problem in the first panel is that it isn't clearly indicated he's a clerk at a food stand. I would say add a cash register next to / slightly obscuring his right hand. We need more indications of who he is and what they're doing.

    Seithe, the basic idea behind the 180 rule is that your establishing (wide) shot sets the character's eyelines and you have to stick with them until you change them with another wide shot.

    So if your wide shot shows two characters standing in a park, talking to each other face-to-face, one is going to be looking stage right and the other is going to be looking stage left. In the close-ups, the same character must be talking/facing screen right and the other must still be talking/facing screen left. If both are suddenly talking/facing screen right or screen left then it will (wrongly) show the audience that they are no longer facing each other and are both looking at something off-screen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seithe View Post
    Thats the photoshop justified (left) text. I really dont like aligned left, but I'm still tweaking.
    You want center justified. Ignore comments on blacks and ellipses and note how text exists equally on both sides of an imaginary vertical centerline

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    I just took a year of lettering traditionally from Hy Eisman ,and Digitally from a DC/Marvel letterer, and what Paul Smith says it exactly correct.

    The biggest thing is equal breathing room on all parts of your lettering. Think of a diamond being in the middle of it.

    Also point your tails towards whoever is talking, and try to do special effect lettering by hand. It looks much better.

    One other tip is a lot of Marvel/DC letterers use the Joe/Andy/Adam Kubert font. Really the Joe one is perfect, and is worth the money to pick up.
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    I generally screencap most things smitty says and treat it with reverence. Thanks Smitty, I've not got much experience in the arena, so its very welcome.


    And I thought I knew about "black" I cant believe I've been using the wrong one all this time.

    How do you generate your speech bubbles? Is there an approved method besides drawing them freehand? Currently I am adding them after inking using photoshop, though i have their position planned during thumbs.
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