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Thread: DragonMan for Jack Kirby tribute

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    DragonMan for Jack Kirby tribute

    Hey all, could use any feedback you may have on this, trying to do a bang-up job on this for the Jack Kirby 100 characters tribute:
    Please let me know which version you prefer, and what you think could be fixed up....Thanks.


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    Love the face. Good attitude. Allow me to address some fundamental mistakes and close on a purely subjective note.

    You've got three different light sources: Wings and tail from the top, face from the bottom, body from the front. Choose one, stick to it, and take it to the end.

    Opposite limbs forward. Shoulders and hips point in opposite directions. If the right shoulder is forward, the right hip and leg go BACK and the left hip and leg come forward. Dragon man isn't a model for muscleman magazine. He has no interest in looking cool, he has no idea what cool is. Without insulting him, he's a beast, a brute, an animal (kinda-sorta); Give him a natural stance rather than a pose.

    Watch the tail. Wings stem from the top of the spine, the tail from the bottom. If he's bending forward, towards us, then the tail's base is BEHIND the wing. The tail goes back from there. While it's technically possible to bend the tail to this extent it's highly unnatural.

    Careful with rendering. Detail draws attention and you're drawing attention away from the face and body to the tail.

    On a purely personal note, I find your version to be elongated and skinny. He could use an extra ton or two of weight. The body and tail are essentially a single unit (think T-Rex) the tail's base should be as wide as the body.

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    Smitty covered all the technical crits (that i hadnt noticed at first glance anyway xD) but as far as aesthetically, I like the darks on the brickwork, but id like to see them added a lil more organically to the scene, as of right now they look like they were somewhat jaggedy dropped in with the lasso tool (or some sort of vector tool) i am also not a huge fan of the SOLID blacks as applied to the wings, and i haven't seen any variations of the character where his wings are tattered like that.

    I like the line weights and the scale texture!

    Also/Edit: with the more detailed background, with the chain anchors in the wall, where are the rest of them? presumably Dragonman just tore his way free from the chains, so i'd guess they should be still around his wrists with some slack hanging? or at the very least at his feet shattered around him?

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    Thank you guys both so much for your feedback!
    I can't believe I keep forgetting the opposing hips and shoulders and opposite limbs, I should have that cemented in my head by now....arrgh! I knew something was bothering me about his size too, like I just couldn't put my finger on it, though...he should be much "thicker" or more massive...I got hung up on the size of his head though...

    I had a feeling the question of where did the chains go was going to come up too, and I should have addressed it.

    so, started reworking it all again tonight, using all of your feedback...this is what I have so far, please let me know if you think I'm getting closer...
    ugh! I see his left arm there by the rib cage needs redoing already...
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    Really great job first time around, and then you really rocked it with the redo! As you pointed out his left (our right) needs reworking but that's a really strong pose! Great job!

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    Loving the new direction. Please keep us posted. I really want to see where this goes.

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    Thanks so much guys! Really appreciate it....
    Here's my update for today...let me know what you think, please....I'm worried a bit about his left leg, the one coming towards the viewer -- does it read okay?
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    Where is your light source going to be coming from?
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    His left leg looks a bit hight to me, line of shoulders and hips work better opposite.
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    You still employ billions and billions of light sources. One is all you get. The face alone is lit from: below left, below right, down from above... eek!

    Dragon Man is an herbivore (can't believe I missed that the first time). He has no canine teeth. The beak is for tearing, what teeth he has are for grinding and will be molar like in shape and to the rear of the jaw (if they show at all). See Triceratops skulls for reference.

    What follows is more "Next Time" in nature. Little will suck the fun (and thus the energy) out of a shot faster than re-re-re working it. You're only as good or bad as your last shot. If your last shot was "bad", don't re-work it, do another shot. Now THAT'S your last shot and the previous one forgotten. As long as each shot's better than the last, you're moving in the right direction.

    That said...

    We can't see the front and back at the same time.

    Top left: If the shoulder line is at the top of the skull then, we're looking down. The back nearly parallel to the ground. The chest, stomach and crotch are all hidden from view. We won't see a body again until just above the knee.

    Top right: To show the chest, stand him up. Get the shoulder line below the eyes.

    Hands: To "sell" the clutch or claw hand, draw a line from elbow through the wrist and out the hand. That line will fall on, or between, the index and/or bird finger.


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