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Thread: New Here Wonder Woman Sketch

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    New Here Wonder Woman Sketch

    Hey all,

    This is my first post. I am looking for some feedback. Forewarning I have some shadows and hatching, but light and may remove depending on critiques given. Here is a Wonder Woman Sketch I am working on currently. Thank you for any feedback

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    hey! im at work right now but ill give you some feedback and CC when i get off! Welcone to PJ!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Basilisk View Post
    hey! im at work right now but ill give you some feedback and CC when i get off! Welcone to PJ!

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    Thanks I look forward to that.

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    Okay! SwantonSam78! Again Welcome to Penciljack!

    As Smitty would say, You are trying to draw this from the outside in without any foundation, and as such your figure has no mass or depth.
    We'll start with the pose you have here, and what exactly is happening here? i cant figure out what would get her in that pose, even were it drawn in perfect perspective! Consider the story that led to the pictures you draw, the events around that one scene that led to where you are, dont just draw poses because they are poses. If you were to keep that pose though you would need to consider the perspective of her whole body, i assume the leg trailing off the paper (Get that foot in view, bad ju ju!) is supposed to be more coming at the viewer, if thats the case its needs foreshortening and that back leg needs to be foreshortened as well, behind and under WW holding her weight means the foot should be under her center of balance (I believe)

    The Shield hand is not connected to the arm properly, everything fits in a box, make a box, and ensure it connects to the arm correctly. think of everything in boxes, Wonder Woman is three dimensional, boxing it off forces you to choose the right plane for the shield to sit on as well! though, i think that arm should also be coming at us in this picture as well which means it could benefit from perspective and foreshortening as well!

    All that being said about this pose as it is, in future poses (or round 2 on this guy!) try to get opposite limbs forward, if the left leg is forward, the right arm is forward, and vice versa.

    Anatomy Issues!

    1. Watch the hand size, 6 fists fit into the face! 12 fists fills the skull.
    2. Your face is too narrow and your head seems attached to it (the two dont seem as part of the same feature, it seems like the face is attached to the face kind of hanging off it!)
    3. Your anatomy is all out of whack as far as proportions, shrink and bring your shoulders, chest and arms in abit, or get your legs and waist bigger.

    The Wonderwoman cuff on her bicep is rouding the wrong direction and should be curving towards the face not towards the hand.

    I tried to by Josem here, fairly unsuccessfully. I didnt have much time and im sure i have some glaring perspective and anatomy issues on this sketch but maybe this'll help in some way. (im just not skilled enough to do any drawovers (i tried) to give you an idea on your pic!)

    I'd also STRONGLY suggest finding the user name "Smitty" and clicking "recent posts" look through that, seriously, it blew my mind what he was dropping all stuff i still need to practice but i am just positively blown away by his critiques of others and the information held within!

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    im also kinda hopin my crit will summon someone far more useful xD

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    I appreciate the critique! I will look up Smitty. I knew the band was off and I'm trying to get better on proportions. Any suggestions for stuff to read or watch other than Smitty is greatly appreciated.

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    Here is also a reference on the pose

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    Being as im not up to snuff to provide my own concise crits and just offer vague allusions i figured id throw together some posts i think you may find useful that is similar to (some of the issues you stumbled upon in your work here!) They can do this way better than I, while I linked to specific posts id greatly suggest starting from post 1 of each thread and giving them a brief perusal!

    Just found these suggestions in a post: "Andrew Loomis' "Figure Drawing For All It's Worth" and "Successful Drawing" (on sale at a bookstore near you after several decades of being out of print,) are widely considered the bibles of modern comic art. But, indispensable as these volumes are, Loomis will tell you to truly understand perspective, look to Ernest Norling's "Perspective Made Easy."

    I just got perspective made easy this morning, havent had a chance to read through it yet.

    Ahhh! I see you were drawing from a posed figure, can't fault you as much though i do still kinda wonder what the sculptor was thinking here too! xD Something on that shield hand seems really wonky on the figure too! Im not sure if its issues with sculpture (hey it happens) or maybe just distortion caused by weird angles. Keep that pencil going!

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    As Basilisk mentions, we work from the inside out. At the center of it all is story; Who, what, where, when, why and how. The statue is a booth babe posing for fanboys at a comics show. She can neither pounce or retreat. She's stuck, with her leg exposed for easy amputation.

    We want a warrior princess defending the high ground from the rising hordes. First thing we do is get that leg behind the shield (eek). Get her weight forward and centered so she's balanced, not backwards (yours) or on the rear foot (statue). Now she can move in any direction. Note I've rotated the front foot 90 so she can dig in and not do a split.

    Start with simple shapes: circles, squares, triangles. Use perspective to render them as 3D shapes with volume, weight, mass. Don't draw lines, use lines to draw form. FEEL that form as you draw (use the force, Luke) sink those eyes, stick out that nose, wrap those lips around the teeth...

    Anatomy is great and there are many here who swear by life drawing but, both run the risk of being bamboozled by the minutiae of surface detail. Learn to simplify shapes: Spheres, tubes, beans, blocks, macaroni. With perspective and foreshortening learn to stack them, rotate them, place them in front of, on top of, to the side of each other... that's construction. Once you have a frame, you can drape it with anything you like: bigfoot, super-heroics, realism

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    I really appreciate both you and Basilisk feedback. This is eye opening as I am not being taught how to draw the figure in perspective just a room. So thank you for explaining that. I'm not sure if I'm going to scrap this drawing or rework it, but I will remember to build on shapes. Thank you

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