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    Pages from indie comic Thru from These pages are my own work and part of the freely available comics on the web site. Since choosing to return to comics from many years of IT, I am seeking any and all suggestions for improving my art

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    Remember the 4 Rules...1-Keep it simple...2-Keep it interesting...3-Don't get too artsy we fall out of the story...4-Make us want to turn the page.....right now what jumps at me is your not using your line weight...your backgrounds you don't have...Most of the work looks like ( and please no offense..I'm just an old artist with just an opinion )..almost clip art out of the 70's...( i've work in the printing industry over 37 yrs ) These are just things that jumped out at me from the gate,, Glad Your on Board here...Well Come to PencilJack Lonnie Your gonna grow even more if you stick around
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